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Since there’s a small army of liberal commentators trying to convince you that the GOP presidential frontrunner is too stupid to ever be president, it probably helps explain why there’s so much political angst in the media right now over a new Washington Post poll that finds Donald Trump leading among American voters by a massive 16 points in a head-to-head matchup.

But that isn’t the main takeaway from the Post’s poll.



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The poll asks voters whether they’ve heard a word of Donald Trump’s, and finds that, for the most part, they have. The Post’s pollsters asked people this question in the wake of the former reality television star’s “sex tape” leak last Friday morning. In that leak, Trump told a TV journalist that his celebrity meant he used to get famous. He then claimed that women used to pay him in sex to get on his plane. And he asked his opponent, former senator Lindsey Graham, a question that included references to “locker rooms” and “a place … where you can do anything.” Trump’s lewd remarks about women were an open secret in the GOP primary campaign, but they didn’t necessarily create the perception of a Trump presidency: his numbers were already high. But they are quite high now.

The Post’s polling has consistently shown a majority (60 percent) of Americans believe Trump will be a “major, negative influence on the United States.” Only 43 percent of Americans think he won’t have this influence. The poll shows that Trump is a more polarizing figure than he was two months ago.

The Washington Post has long offered a unique perspective into the minds of American voters, and today, the Trump phenomenon is not just an ordinary political phenomenon. It is a phenomenon for which there is no precedent, and which has reached unprecedented scale — an event that in its way is both extraordinary and extraordinary-yet-ordinary.



#related#The poll is of course just one poll; it’s not proof of anything. It does, however, provide a rare window into the minds of a new and large part of America — people

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