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Ride-sharing company Lyft is seeking U.S. regulators to expand its operation in Colorado.

Lyft announced on Monday it is bringing its cars to Rocky Mountain Highways. The two proposed routes pass directly through Boulder County, with service beginning June 1.

A spokesman for the Colorado Department of Transportation confirmed that it is reviewing the proposal, which comes as the Legislature works on two bills that could impact Colorado’s transportation industry.

“The bill would allow an employer to contract out the driver-part experience in a similar manner to taxi and limousine companies, providing the driver could be hired away for the same fee as a traditional taxi or limo driver, regardless of whether a customer is looking to purchase or lease a vehicle,” spokeswoman Nicole Nardini said.

Lyft is proposing to provide a service similar to Uber, Lyft’s competitor.

Under the proposal, Lyft would hire a “driver agent” to arrange the service between customers and the licensed drivers who ride with Lyft on the routes. The service would be based outside Colorado, on a Colorado public transit system.

A Lyft representative said that it’s too early to tell how the proposal will affect regulations across the state.

“Ultimately, it will depend on whether we can meet the state and local regulations and the legal requirements of both the state and our local jurisdictions with Lyft’s proposed service,” the representative said in an email.

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Lyft has been in talks with the state transportation department in recent years, when it was trying to put its service on the road. A Denver Post report from last year said the company attempted to launch its services in 2010, at the last minute, following a lawsuit that was filed from regulators.

A spokesman for the department said in a statement, “With that project on hold due to litigation, we are currently reviewing our options and will have more to say on this matter as the legislative and regulatory process continues.”

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A new survey out this month from the Pew Research Center in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau found a very narrow and divided America: a half of the public sees racism on the rise – versus 30 percent who see it decreasing.

The divide is especially extreme among young people. A mere 14 percent of 17- to 19-year-olds see racism on the rise. Meanwhile, 59 percent of those ages 40 and older

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