Can you learn piano without lessons? – Learn Piano Games Online

How to start making and teaching guitar lessons at home, if you aren’t ready to learn or play from a book?

Well actually not quite that easy. You need a pretty high level of skill in order to learn piano, if not at least on par with a professional teacher. I guess what I mean is that for the general public, it’s not really possible to learn piano from just a book, but for a teacher to make that kind of progress is really hard and you are also dealing with a lot of frustration, and you need to learn a lot of music theory as well which is not always taught from books.

If you really just want something simple to play, the following method is what I would suggest.

You are already comfortable with chords, scales, arpeggios etc etc… But what if you have never played notes before and you just want to start learning to play a few bars, you could just start with what you already know and you will eventually be able to play a lot of music.

Step #1 of the technique is to start by playing the entire song and at the same time you use an instrument to produce all the sounds. The piano is a perfect instrument to use in this case!

When you are just getting started with this technique, you can also use an external instrument for the melody but keep all the notes and other sounds the same.

For an example let’s take a small song for an example. I chose to use a keyboard for the first version of the song but you are free to use any instrument suitable for the song you are learning! The song I am trying to teach you is titled “Hip Pop Song”.

Hip Pop Song is available on a free download here:

This song uses a lot of simple shapes and has a pretty easy tempo.

This is what the song actually sounds like. Try to play the song again, but this time make the melody and chords the same. Try to find a way to use the instruments that you are already used.

For the second version, make the chord shapes and melodies the same but use the piano as well.

So now you can start learning chords, melodies and melodies.

The last step of the steps are to get the song in the right tempo…

The song in the following tempo is a great song for this exercise.

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