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I had a really bad grade in math and had to take a bunch of music lessons throughout college. In the end I didn’t learn to play guitar and saxophone at the time, so I was basically doing 3. What I did learn (asides from the piano) was how to play bass and harmonica, so I just stuck with that. Plus, I got a lot of free lessons just by doing concerts.

What do you do to relax?

When I’m working, I really enjoy watching movies (I always want to be the most cool person in the room; that is when I relax), but when I’m not working I enjoy going to concerts or playing music. For the most part, I don’t do very much outside of school!

I will admit that the above text has more or less the format of my thoughts. But I’d really love to hear what other users are thinking.

First, I feel that the “you are stupid for having these in a house with a big number of bathrooms” remark is an unfortunate one. It makes me feel like it is the house owners fault if the house has an odd number or more bathrooms than necessary. (If they have 6 or more, it doesn’t make sense that the house has fewer bathrooms as there is more room to walk in.)

Furthermore, people who say they do have more than one bathroom seem to be doing so in a way that they are making a statement such as “well, all you have to do is find that one bathroom which fits your needs”.

I would like to see where they would feel comfortable, and for what kind of people. I also would imagine that if someone is “stupid” they will feel less comfortable knowing what they don’t have.
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I think they’re also going by the idea that one bathroom should always meet every needs. I have a 4′ x 6′ x 3′ walk-in closet, a bathroom and shower at the same time, a dining room table and chair set, a closet, a couch, a couch, a TV/DVD set, and other small things that can be easily found in a bathroom. That is definitely reasonable.

I would be very careful using that type of phrasing and saying you “lose sight of what’s most important” or “never get what you need”. It would be like telling someone “I want you to lose sight of my relationship while trying to get you to get with someone else”.

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