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There are currently no programs where you can learn to play the violin after age 30. However there is one program where age group students can be allowed to continue playing without restriction: the Center for Advanced Music Education. Students who are interested in continuing their education in our program would need to have at least one year of playing experience and must have one semester or year of study in the violin. You can find more information in our general FAQ and Student FAQ at the bottom of this page.

This is an all-ages program.

No musical instruments are allowed.

We offer a wide variety of courses including violin lessons, guitar lesson, band lesson, singing lessons, and many more. Our staff is friendly, helpful, and professional and each student feels like they are part of a small group where they have support and confidence when trying new things.

What if I get sick?

Because the Center for Advanced Music Education requires a two-year commitment to the program, only the young people or students who participate in this program will be required to attend a violin lessons. Students who do not want to attend lessons but still wish to continue with the program can be released at the start of an academic year so they do not jeopardize their scholarship or financial aid.

When can I apply?

For more information on admission, please click here.

The number of students eligible for the federal student aid program known as “doubled green cards” is set to climb again next year.

In 2012, the number of students affected by the change was just 10,000. A larger number would represent 10 times the number of students eligible to be admitted to the country next year.

The Department of Homeland Security estimates that the number of foreign students and immigrants who would qualify for DACA would be an addition 700,000 people.

Currently in the U.S. DACA allows immigrants who came to the U.S. as children who were brought here illegally as adults to obtain a two-year renewable immigration status.

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Trump has threatened to revoke the status if the administration cannot reach a border agreement with the Democratic-led Congress in time, but the U.S. has not reached an agreement. (RELATED: ‘DACA’ Could Cause A Surge In ‘Dreamers’)

While Trump had said it would be impossible to reach agreement with the Democrats by the end of the year, the State Department has already said that the deal to create the agreement might be reached by late January

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