Can I learn piano and violin at the same time? – Learn Piano App Ios Android Icon

Well you can learn all two musical instruments while working in our orchestra and conservatory. We have a variety of lessons available at various times that are appropriate to students of all ages.

Do you charge to learn?

Unfortunately no, we do not charge. If you would like to consider having a private lesson with us please contact us by email at we are available on a first come, first served basis.

Does the sound chamber provide music therapy?

You CAN Learn Piano as an Adult with Online Piano Lessons ...
Absolutely! A sound chamber is the ideal space for you to express yourself and explore your artistic talents. It is an amazing setting that is perfect for a student of all ages and abilities. At the Sound Chamber the music is being played by a trained acoustician giving the student a truly immersive experience, not unlike that of a concert hall.

Will you show my child the work of famous pianists?

Not yet! We believe that students should be taught not to think of themselves as artists but rather students should be educated enough to listen and learn. However, we know that even students have an inner musical mind that will know the names of some of our great composers. We hope to create opportunities for students to get acquainted with some of the well-known music we all love.

What does orchestra sound like?

Oscar Hammerstein II’s first piano work, “Romeo and Juliet,” was written at the age of twelve. We have a group of student musicians that have a lot to offer the repertoire. Some of their talents include: singing, playing instruments and harmonizing. Music is also being played from the piano by our staff (as the sound stage for the orchestra was originally a sound stage for the harp), including violinist Lisa Karras. Additionally we have two orchestra players on an hourly basis.

Are you open to all musical instruments?

Absolutely! We offer lessons in many musical instruments and styles. The majority of our student class participates in a musical instrument based art form from time to time. But the instrument based art forms do include the classical piano and violin.

Are there any instruments I cannot learn in the sound chamber?

Not quite. We understand that when learning a musical instrument you have to begin learning with the piano or violin first. The goal is to create a connection with these pieces of music. We understand this can take some time and this is why we offer a range of lessons. Our focus is on

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