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A: An older child or adult should have the ability to learn piano from the start of their schooling. It doesn’t make sense to have to play every day. If you want to learn piano, play it daily and be patient. There is no set limit, and you don’t have to play for an hour, or a day. This means that piano can be learned by anyone, although the average age will be around 55.

A: There are many reasons to get piano lessons. There are many parents with infants, young children, and children with special needs, and many people want to learn to play the piano.

There are many kinds of programs or courses that offer piano lessons, and the program can vary according to the level chosen. Some teachers also offer online learning programs, or piano lessons are offered at a large local school.

A: It’s an excellent idea to have a pianist (or adult piano teacher) in your household with your child or child’s child – your music teacher works with your child and makes sure that every one is able to play the piano to their best ability.

You can set up a piano lesson for the child in your household and they’ll receive a free lesson once a month, or every other week, or whenever an available piano is booked.

A: Most programs are taught by parents or teachers, so this is quite common. Some programs are based on piano books, others can be purchased online. A piano program can teach from your child’s level to that of a pro who can teach the song or music from memory, or one teacher can teach from scratch.

There is no set number of hours that a piano lessons can last. This can be anything from a few hours to several weeks, or even more than a year. So there will be a “learning curve” as you go with your child, especially if the teacher may not have the patience for you.

A: If you want to get a great lesson in a shorter time frame, you can learn your piano while you’re at work. This is a great way to get a great piano lesson. Your work days can be quiet, so you can learn at your leisure.

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