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Yes, with a teacher. But if children don’t have their mother to look after them and support them, how can they become independent?

This question has become more important in recent years with growing numbers of immigrants and refugees from countries such as China and India. These groups often come to the US with small children, and some studies show that there are problems with the socialization of children who were born in those countries.

One of the studies found that a teacher’s income had a lot to do with whether a child learned to play the piano. Children who were in more affluent families learned more quickly. Some parents raised their children to have a more independent way of interacting with their parents than others did — and a lot of those parents ended up abandoning the children.

This seems quite similar to the experience of young African-American girls in the 1990s when their parents did not send them to private schools but instead put them into public-school programs — programs which in turn were associated with an increased likelihood that their children would come out with low cognitive skills.

For the reasons stated earlier, a father and child must be closely connected. If their parents are not physically together, then they aren’t close enough to develop an intimate, trusting relationship between the parents and their children. It would seem that when parents leave their children behind and get jobs in their countries, a child is less likely to develop a strong attachment to the parent.

If immigrants do not become adults when they are young or are still growing up in poverty, then it probably is difficult to create a strong sense of attachment (if the child still wants his father to stay with him) to the US. It’s also difficult for the father to help bring in a good job for his son and the son to help support his father financially when he leaves Africa.

There are also some issues on the education front in countries like India, where students often have to work hard to learn the necessary educational skills (something that I’ve noticed many people in the US have no problem with).

But if an intelligent and well-educated immigrant child decides that it’s not worth leaving home to learn the basics of English and becoming independent, then the odds are that he will want to be born in the US, whether on American soil or somewhere else.

One would hope that it’s worth a try.
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