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And do they have any idea how difficult it really is to actually learn to play the piano?

I think learning should never be a chore.

Do most adults actually enjoy playing this instrument?

Yes. It is fun. I love it!

Do you go to concerts?

I do. I see the bands all the time. It is so popular there in Philadelphia.

Does playing the piano for an audience affect the skill set?

Yes and no. In fact, it can help your brain more than the actual playing.

What should an adult learn to play to understand what you are learning?

I’d say that it is a very good idea to not try to imitate a particular piano performance. Just play the instrument like the real piano. And try to hear it and see if it is in tune. So even if you get good at it, you have to really think about whether it is right for the song.

What exactly are your thoughts on music education and piano lessons?

Music education is important for musicians. I think it is wonderful to have people who are interested in music and who will challenge you in teaching. I also am a big fan of classical music teacher education. That is kind of my niche.

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Should we start teaching our children piano as young as the age of two?

I hope not. But it depends on you.

Do you have a favorite piece of music or piece of literature?

I have lots of favorites. I’m a huge fan of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.”

But, of course, there is a lot of other stuff in the repertoire I love. I also think the music education field is very vibrant and exciting and I am a fan of teachers and teachers of piano education programs. I think there are great things to come from that field. The problem is that in terms of piano teachers, there are not a lot of professional piano teachers. So there is not much that one can do in terms of helping one to become a good teacher. I think if you go into the music education field, you really have to think carefully what you do and what your goals are.

Do you feel that one of the reasons why we are having a bit of a music education crisis in our schools is because of a lack of proper piano instruction?

No, I don’t think that is the whole problem. It is more of a

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