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Can a 2 year old play the piano?”

A 3 year old with piano-playing experience playing the piano can learn all the chords and scale sequences. They should only need to use only the “key” chord and scale, and not play the “key” chord sequence in their heads. A 2 year old who is playing piano does not need to memorize the scales and chords they must play. This allows the child to focus on the playing, and not get distracted by the key charts in their head. The child’s mental focus is still on playing the music, which leads to further learning. It is only after the child has learned most of the scale and chords and is able to play all the chord sequences that they would begin to work on memorizing them. This “play through” method, while useful for a single lesson session, is not something that would be used over and over.

If possible, give the child an opportunity to play with a piano teacher for at least a month, so they can gain some experience. A child may have less focus and difficulty with scales or chords, due to their focus on the lesson at hand, or the pressure of a teacher to pass a test (or to keep up attendance), but they might have the benefit of a teacher who helps them develop a more flexible view of themselves. The benefits of a teacher helping a toddler learn scales and chords are many. It teaches them that there are limits to their skill, and that each step, each chord, is a complex and not-so-simple task that requires them to use their entire brain, not just in that specific direction. It also teaches them that there are different ways to make progress.

Some toddlers and preschoolers will need extra assistance for the first time using a keyboard on piano. It is helpful to ask other teachers if they can take your child. This will allow you to know what the child needs, and also to establish what help they will need for the coming month. If your child is in a class for very young girls, or an after school program with other young children, you might be able to find a family friend. Other adults may be interested if they have the skillset that you and your child would need to go beyond the basics.

If the teacher is teaching the new piano, you can teach the piano first. Some toddlers and preschoolers are comfortable with the piano themselves, but it is important for you to be able to take the piano to their level first. For example, say

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