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I hope not. I think you’d be crazy to think that. But I have to admit, some good things have come from learning to play the piano. I mean, it was really fun. I love music and have a love affair with it. I just really wanted his music to be enjoyed and understood.

A week after a violent confrontation between the Cleveland police and a group of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, the police department in Cleveland has reportedly terminated a pair of officers after the two officers involved in the incident were discovered to have participated in a Facebook group that had a direct influence over the actions of the police.

Local media outlets are reporting that on Friday, Cuyahoga County (OH) police officers were called on their duty to the home of a man who they believed to be involved in an alleged assault of an officer. When they arrived there, the men were arguing in the front yard, and one of the officers drew his weapon and ordered the other man to the ground. A short time later, he was shot to death. It’s unclear how the man was injured, but local reports claim that he later died from his injuries.


The Cleveland Police Department has identified the officer who was shot to death and will not discuss the circumstances, but reports claim that officers had come to the home to investigate a report of assault and that the man who had been shot had been involved in a Facebook group called the Cleveland Police Brutality Resistance, which, after a recent police shooting, gained notoriety for encouraging violence against police. The man who died was identified as 24-year-old James Besser.

The Cleveland police told that they “took a report in an officer-involved shooting to investigate potential violence against police officers during an August 22 altercation,” and added that officers did “not find any physical evidence to substantiate the report. We continue to investigate and will notify the public if and when information warrants.”

A screenshot of the page is available from Facebook, and the group was reportedly designed by members “who believed in the Black Lives Matter movement to protest police abuse of African Americans.”

“As Cleveland Police officers, we believe in and support the freedom to peacefully assemble and protest for an elected government that reflects their political preferences,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams told “When one group or faction is aggressive, we will be forced to take action to protect the public.” Williams insisted that the group’s actions were justified, but didn’t rule out firing

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