Are there any free piano apps? – Learn Piano Software Midi Player

Yes. The free piano music app Piano is great. I would not use any paid music app. That would have got to be too much work at a low frequency. You can go to any piano lesson and get a quick assessment of your ability using the app. As a beginner I would use the Piano app.

I heard that you might use a MIDI keyboard in the future, would you? What is the keyboard for that you would use?

Yeah, I’m going to use the MIDI keyboard to control the music at lower frequencies. I might use the MIDI keyboard to control different parts of the music.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about how you play?

One of the reasons I love playing piano is I am a very expressive piano player. You can pick apart a piece of music and tell me exactly where there is room or lack of room or what key is in play on each note. Just a few notes in the piano and that piece becomes a whole. The ability to pick out a piano part is one of my greatest strengths. My playing is just different and personal. I play piano for a living. I use that as practice to do in my spare time.

That’s nice. You’ve mentioned in the past that you were in a band when you were younger. Can you tell us how that band started out?

I started out with the band that I later became in as a bass player. That’s when I first got into teaching. I think that was a great opportunity. I worked with a wonderful group of students on the drum kit. It was a great way to learn more music. I played drums for about 6-9 months. I didn’t play anything but the drums.

How did you end up playing electric guitar?

It was kind of a surprise. I hadn’t played electric guitar in a long time. After about 5 years of playing guitar I found out that electric guitar was really what I wanted to do.

I remember a time a guy used to come at the studio and sing to you playing electric guitar. You got to see if it was the right one for you. What kind of effect that had on you playing electric guitar?

That was great. We were trying to figure out the next step. We were making a demo of a song we were working on. The way we were going, it was not in a good place to have guitar solos. Then we just went with it.

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