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When we were looking through the software and making recommendations, it was pretty clear that the first-time photographer didn’t need anything more than the cheapest camera app, then go from there and do whatever. If you’ve bought a new phone and have a few photo albums on your phone that you don’t care about yet, do those albums.

I recommend the app we’re featured in the video above: Camera+

Now, you might be thinking that you don’t have $3,000 or $6,000 for a smartphone. Then let me ask you — if you’re a photographer and you don’t have the means to spend $3,000 or $6,000 on a smartphone, how do you afford a new camera that costs $300 or $700? Well, you get it through editing photos online.

Here is how you can look at any photo you want and make a filter work for it that can work for whatever project you’re working on.

Step 1 – Look at the colors and how bright them are. I find the best color for me is to use a daylight gray color — for example, the photo above with the bright and colorful clouds is great for the lightroom app in Lightroom CC.

Step 2 – Look at the saturation and how strong it looks. I’d suggest using the default settings if you don’t want to manually adjust them. I like to start out at about 14 and work my way up to 18 if I want to get more realistic color. Then, if the photos don’t look right, I’ll set up the brightness level and see how things looks in different lighting levels.

If you start off with the default presets, you might try going back to those presets and tweaking it to get the colors right. You can keep using the presets or if you want to change the lighting levels, simply undo the changes. But it’s usually more important to set up the lighting levels and the settings in Lightroom that way.

Step 3 – Look at the cropping and how far you need to zoom in, to make your subject as small as possible. To take advantage of the small pixels in a smartphone cameras, I use the Adobe Camera Raw (ACR-W) tool for cropping my photos. But this app will also work in Photoshop CS6.

Step 4 – Create the Photoshop Actions. In the bottom left corner under “Edit Image Settings,” press on “Artistic” then under “Edit Image Settings,”

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