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When is it okay to take a picture in public?

Are there good ways to edit photos?

Forgetting to pay bills in public can be annoying and costly. The law prohibits the taking of pictures by those under 21. It can also be illegal to take pictures on the street, in a car, and any place where there is a traffic signal. There are good things to remember:

Don’t look down at your phone.

Don’t use a mobile phone.

Don’t be too close.

Don’t look up.

Don’t stare.

Do take a picture while listening to music.

Don’t put one’s mouth over the phone.

Do get a clear shot of anything that might come into view by holding your phone vertically while holding the phone a certain way.

When do I need to take a picture?

You’re not really supposed to take a picture of somebody unless you have permission from that person. It’s just rude for a guy to take a nude picture of his girlfriend at a dinner party. The law doesn’t distinguish between people and animals.

Don’t take a picture of someone with a gun.

Don’t take a picture with an erection, or someone who is drunk.

Don’t take a picture of someone in a sexually suggestive situation.

Don’t take a picture in a private place unless the person you are taking a picture with has asked you to take a picture.

Don’t take a picture of a wedding.

Don’t take a picture with someone in a sexually suggestive situation.

It is illegal to photograph your neighbor with someone else’s daughter.

Do not take a picture of someone’s cat or dog.

Do not photograph a person using a cell phone.

Do not take a picture with someone you’re not interested in. (You must not take a picture in a place that you’ve been invited to, though. It’s also illegal to take a picture of a person in a state of a trance.)

Take a picture of a stranger who’s doing something you really don’t like. That’s not too bad when the stranger is just taking one photograph of a tree. It means you’ve done the wrong thing.

If you have a right to photograph somebody in a picture taken in public, it depends on whether the person is nude or not—the situation is different for the two. A naked woman in a

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