What is the purpose of photo editing? – How To Learn Gimp Photo Editing

What is the best camera app for this purpose? What kind of images are they designed for? What are the requirements for the image? Are the parameters set for a single image, multiple images etc?

When I buy an image, I am also taking a chance. I am taking the chance to experiment by modifying the images and adding more than what I have and hoping I am on to something.

As well as the above two questions, there might also also come an era when the photo editors have all the tools that a real photographer can use, and there is no need to ask the question “Why not a regular Photoshop? I can have one of those and not have to do anything new.” If images are already available for editing, then the question is not even asked.

This should not stop anybody from shooting, but in the end we are talking about images here. The images we use are often not the final product, but rather the image in its raw form. If we go the “Photoshop for photo editing” route, the final image is there, but it is not used.

How do you view photo editing software? What do you like and dislike about it? Which one is your favourite?

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