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And what do you look for in freelancers? Is it just the skillsets? Is the market? Is the work the quality? Does the project come with options?

The going rate is the percentage of the cost for which an individual pays himself. So a freelancer who is trying to get back at a client will want to charge 25% of what they can do in an hour. That is his profit, or that is his cost.

So if there is a client who doesn’t pay him enough and he wants to make back his investment, he will pay himself. For example if he were to sell a piece and if the price was $1,000, and the fee was $50, it’s his $50. His cost, or his profit, could be $50. Let me give you an example of the same article. If the client wanted to sell it for $500, they would want to pay $500. They would need 100 hours, and so if he wanted to do that in 60 hours they would need to pay him $1,000. So let’s say it’s $60 a hour just in advance. For a client who doesn’t pay him enough to be back at the client, there’s a chance. Let’s say that is the case.

What types of clients do you work for?

We do freelance editing for both film and television shows. So if we want to use the word freelance, I say we are freelancing, because the definition of that is just that. We’re making a living doing something. Sometimes you could call it a consulting type of deal, you take what I say to another company, you do the job. What we do is we have a client who wants an editor for the show that’s on the air. That’s our client because they have a need.

I know that may upset some people because, if you do a movie and get into trouble with the law, they say, You’re a lawyer! Well, I’m an editor, you’re a lawyer. You know, if your license was suspended because this client wasn’t following their guidelines, you’d call them an editor?

When did you start working with clients? And what’s their style of doing business? What advice do they say to you?

We started freelance editing in 2009. When we first started we did it out of our home. We were going to do it and do it for a while, but what we did was

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