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It is easy to see the difference, but it is difficult to know what kind of edits you have made. Because we are all just regular people who think using the camera is easy, this difference is not immediately evident.

You can find out in what way the content of the photos are more or less edited or retouched. But the difference is not always clear. This is what distinguishes them.

Why is the distinction important?

In everyday life, retouching of our own photos is not a big deal (unless you don’t know anything about image processing). We all know that photo retouching is a way of bringing out and enhancing the essence of the photographs. If the photo is not as good as it could be, then it will be obvious and you can take a photo edit down, while preserving the essence of the originals.

But you often have different opinions about your photo edits on different web sites and forums. What are you supposed to do in situations like these?

This is not a discussion that can happen only in the real life of a professional photographer who has the time and skills to create a tutorial or guide on how the process can happen. Every photographer has his/her own opinions and you have to be able to understand those opinions and apply it to your subject matter, especially when it is a new thing.

I personally would always prefer to give my advice and my thoughts, than the advice of an expert when there are some doubts. So I will try to answer your questions in this post.

What are the most common questions that come up about retouching and editing?

For the moment I will not talk about which question to ask because it is a subject that is very important. Let’s see how to answer them.

What is retouching, retouching tutorial, retouching or editing ?

So it goes without saying that retouching or editing is a way of making something (picture) more beautiful, less obvious and less obvious that it could be.

That’s the basic idea behind what we do when we edit, but let’s give some examples from many different sources.

What are the most common retouching techniques used today?
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Let’s start now with a couple of examples. There have been a lot of tutorials out there over the years that discuss the basics of retouching on the internet.

1- You can see the basic idea of retouching

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