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There are many things Photoshop Elements and Lightroom do differently.

While many people think of Elements as a full-fledged lightroom-style tool and Lightroom as a Photoshop plugin, we’re all very much part of a family of photoshop plugins called Photoshop Lightroom (and Lightroom Elements are an extension of it). Together they come in dozens of different sizes, styles, and capabilities, and we’ve put together a comprehensive guide explaining what they do.

It’s been a long effort trying to get to this point, so thank you to everybody who has contributed, contributed data, and participated. We’re extremely grateful to all of you for your patience and support throughout these changes. We’ll continue to improve Elements and Lightroom over the coming months to make them as robust and versatile as we possibly can, and of course keep this site up to date and always free to use. Until then, be sure to visit Lightroom for more info, and try out what you’ve got there.

Also, if you’d like to see any more updates, please sign up to the newsgroup and stay in touch. If you would like to contribute any new data (i.e. extra images, images about Elements, etc.) or help improve something, please contact us.


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