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Let’s take a closer look at some of the key differences between the two applications. There is a lot to cover when looking at a feature comparison, but let’s start with the basics—just to get things going.


1) Customizable color palette

Photoshop is really powerful, but it can be a bit overwhelming at first. You have color palettes for the entire range of tones in the spectrum on each of your photos, as well as a ton of other features that can make working with the app much easier. Photoshop can be expanded by adding new layers, as well as the ability to create a layer mask, layer masks, and create a layer mask in Lightroom.

In Photoshop, you can also adjust colors of individual layer masks by clicking-and-dragging the top layer mask. In Lightroom, you can select individual layers within a photo, either by clicking on the layer mask within a photo or by using the “Unsaved” option in the Quick Edit panel within the Edit menu.

Image credit: Flickr user thecreaturesofphotography

Image credit: Thecreaturesofphotography

2) Photo editing tools

Photoshop includes a lot of powerful editing tools, including a powerful effects palette called Photoshop Channels. Photoshop Channels can also be used for adding your own filters and adjustments which can be very useful for adding a unique touch to your images. Lightroom includes a few tools from Photoshop, but only as part of Photoshop Channels. The ability to create Layer masks, mask layers, and layers in Lightroom gives you more control with your images than you would have with Photoshop.

What makes Lightroom much better than Photoshop for photography?

Image credit: Flickr user pvitac

3) More options for creating and editing pictures

All your other photo editing options (color, brightness, contrast, contrast-enhancing modes, sharpness) can be saved for easy access within Lightroom. You can also store your images in either JPEG or RAW format which is great if you have larger RAW images in question—the files will be smaller and easier to manage with Photoshop. You can also capture your images in multiple formats to make them easier for archiving and archiving in multiple location or even multiple devices. Lightroom has been around since the original NLE (New Innovator Release) which was released in 2004.

4) A more interactive Lightroom

Using Photoshop Channels and layers, we

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