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Image editing tools (also referred to as image retouch tools, image manipulation tools, image enhancement tools etc.) are tools used for editing photos/video that have been captured by cameras such as DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

Some useful image editing software is available in Microsoft, Adobe or other operating systems. But the main tools are available online.

To use the photo/video editing tools, you typically have to import a photo or video into your favorite photo editing program. Then, you will follow some simple steps to process and edit the photo/video.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using photo/video editing tools on DSLRs?

The main advantages of using photo/video editing tools on DSLRs are:

Image quality and editing speed are better than in digital cameras. These advantages can improve video quality by up to 20 dB or more.

No video/photo conversion is necessary. You can edit the image directly on video capture with editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Google Photos.

Some programs let you create movies or GIFs by simply choosing from thousands of images without need of conversion, saving time, and improving the image quality.

Video editing tools (e.g. Adobe Premiere) allow you to edit photos by setting parameters to match individual parameters of photos in their corresponding cameras.

How to choose the best photo editing software to fit your needs?

There are several important things to keep in mind while deciding on the best photo editing software to use to edit your photos/videos that you capture on your DSLRs.

The main questions are:

Is it available in your country?

What types of images are you capturing?

Are you using the best camera/lens combination?

Can it handle RAW files?

Is it easy to use and manage?

Which image editing tools and how are they different ?

What camera is used?

What type of image are you capturing?

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What is the best camera for you?

Are you using the best lens on your camera?

What is your camera’s sensitivity to light?

Is the camera facing to the right or left?

Can your camera handle the high ISO setting at your setting?

What is the software’s output resolution, which is very important for video and photo editing?

Can you change your settings (such as brightness and contrast) after you start editing?


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