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The basics of editing consist in the following elements:

A descriptive and descriptive text

A set of actions for the editable text

A specific way to execute the actions

The general way to edit is to put that descriptive/descriptive text inside an element that will be called the editable text.

The basic idea to make the text “work” is to place an element inside the editable text that is a wrapper around the text. For example, in the following case, the wrapper is an arrow for the editable text. But there are more possibilities than the simple wrapper. There are elements inside the editable text that are called “list elements”.

Let’s define the most important parts of each.

Defining basic elements

Before you can define your editable text, you have to define basic elements. Each element is a parent, and inside the editable text it will contain the core content.

When creating an element, the name of the element needs to be the same as the name of the element inside it. Thus in the following example, the name of the element inside the editable text is the element name, because the element has the same name in both. In the case of the element name, I will use a string.

The name needs to be set, and used in the context of the editable text. This is a very important part, because sometimes the name or the name of the element inside the editable text might not be specified when the editable text is defined.

If you want to be able to specify all the needed elements in your editable text, then it is best to use an HTML template for template and text properties. In the next section, we have to do everything for you.

Setting the basic elements: text and template

The easiest way to understand the basic elements and how to use them is to check what happens when we want to modify the elements inside the editable text. Let’s see it.

The editable text is defined using an element. Since this element is inside the text, it receives all the properties of the text. If I add a new text, like text1 , I do not need to specify anything for the template. The template is ready for our new text.

Here is the actual code of the editable text: