What are the basics of image editing? – Photoshop Books For Beginners

1. Add a filter to your image

In my opinion, the most powerful way to improve anything is to actually edit it. It’s the fastest process in the world and will most likely see your name and link featured in The New York Times. Just like that you have taken the first step and improved the quality of your images.

2. Adjust brightness

Most people tend to use an adjustment filter, when they can’t find a better one but the original image still lacks brightness. What they do is add other colors and brightness sliders. But I tell you – you don’t have to do this. What you should do is just adjust the brightness manually. In the example below I adjusted the brightness with the slider labelled “Adjust.” So, if you just see a darker image or lack of contrast, just add another adjustment.

3. Change contrast

One of the most important effects you can have with an image is just to change the contrast in the background. So, in the example below, the image is very white but still have the brightness sliders. In addition, the slider on the left to change the color has a smaller black border. You can see that this makes for a nice contrast.

4. Adjust saturation

If you just see a very dull image, you can just adjust the saturation slider. You can adjust the saturation with the slider that’s labeled “Adjust” or simply move the slider on the right side. This actually makes a very nice gradient in the image.

5. Add an effect

If your image is black and white with a sharp image on top, you can adjust the “Adjust” slider. This will make the image sharper. But if the image is already sharp and you want to try your luck with a new lens, there are no bad tricks in this section. The key is to find something which can sharpen the image.

6. Fix the background

It’s really easy to mess up the background of your image. This is often due to using a filter – it’s almost like a darkening of your image. If you really want to fix the backgrounds, just go there.

7. Adjust contrast

A problem you may come across when you change a few steps is when the image itself doesn’t look like what you want. For example, here the brightness slider does NOT do what you want – it looks a little too dark. Just adjust the brightness of the slider. Adjust the contrast

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