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How do you know if you have a good first draft?

I don’t. There are no shortcuts. I never have. I’ve been working on my stories for a while now, but only ever one or two draft each. The rest of the time, I just write. But I keep it pretty open.

I never got the chance to finish the first draft. I was so excited to have what I thought was a great story. I worked through it several times and gave it to more writers. I finally got it to David and he let me know in January that it was almost complete. I was a little disappointed.

I read it, I read it again, I read it again and then I had to start all over. I had done my best not to mess up, but I know some editors like to keep some kind of visual guide to help them make any kind of judgment before they can make any kind of decision. I didn’t think I could handle that. I had to get it all right before anybody could say anything.

David was excited, and I loved seeing what he could do.

But then he said to me in January, “I had a draft, it’s great but I think most of us have a better draft. I think all of us.” And I thought…he knows how to do that. But that was the start of it being a process of finding the best version.

I’m not sure there’s one final version. There can be one final draft, and then I don’t know if there’s two. It can be that the best version is the one I write. It might just be my best.

What is the biggest learning curve for you?

For me, personally, I never expected to be writing a comic book. I never anticipated that I’d be writing a series. When I’m on a team, I’m not in charge of it. I have more influence than that. I’ve tried to take the best from them as far as direction goes. But once I’m writing that script and I’m telling it, and saying, “This is what you have to do as a writer,” and the world has changed. I have less influence on the process.

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I’m used to a lot of stuff running around all over the place. So for me that’s not how it works. And maybe that’s why I like it so much. I’m in control of all this. But I’ve

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