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It is easy – this is the third article I have written about the current state of affairs in the EU. As someone who has participated a number of EU summits this year, it has been quite interesting, and I know my opinions of current political situation and how things are going to evolve in upcoming years are quite different from others’. I can even give the impression that I am in a minority in all of this which is actually quite unusual in such a broad community. For instance, we all seem to agree that the EU is not making progress in many areas, but then – as people tend to do – the situation is so complicated that we are completely lost. This is, at least, the conclusion which I draw from reading the most frequent articles and blog posts on this topic. I’m afraid that there is no one (not even myself) in this area who cannot say that the direction has become more gloomy.

If you read the above, and have come down with a negative impression, then this probably means that none of your opinions are realistic. However, we should take a closer look. If we start looking at things realistically, we quickly see that many things are indeed going well:

We have a functioning political system in the EU

We have a functioning Parliament

We have a functioning Commission

We have an effective, coherent civil service

We have a functioning banking system

We have a functioning market

We have a functioning monetary system

It might not look like it, especially in times of crisis, but it is all true. To take a single example:

There are still no more than 30 EU members with negative growth, compared to the above 100, that were doing extremely badly during the financial crisis.

There are still no more than 75 (as of yet) EU members with negative growth, compared to the above 150, that were doing extremely poorly during the financial crisis.
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There are still no more than 100 that had their GDP fall during the financial crisis – no EU member had its GDP drop during the financial crisis, according to Eurostat.

There are also no more than 50 (as of yet) that have no GDP growth, compared to the above 100 that did

What we have is still a well functioning, functioning country, as we’ve had

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