Is there anything like Photoshop but free? – How To Learn Photo Editing In Lightroom Vs Photoshop Express

Not at all, says Andrew Lee.

There’s something about the way Photoshop makes it look like photos were taken and sent to an app and then uploaded to Facebook that is very appealing to a certain kind of programmer and the way that it looks like digital documents on the iPhone – when you’re staring at them on a giant screen – that’s very appealing in terms of the way you can manipulate the images.

There’s something else about the way that Photoshop has been used that is really appealing – and I’ve used it on a project – is that it was done on a Macintosh. In order to take something from something and put it on a computer I actually need to work with something that’s Mac-centric. The whole thing is very Mac-centric. If I want to have a conversation on a phone or something like that where I’m using Photoshop in a specific way, I’ll need to start from somewhere that’s Mac-centric. If you’re just looking to take a picture I can have Photoshop at my fingertips, and it doesn’t take me to an app that’s like a Facebook, or any other place where I’m going to be, “Oh, I’m going to take the picture. I can’t be that stupid.” If I was going to use it that way, to take a picture, I would be looking for Photoshop. If I was going to Photoshop something on the web and I needed to change something, I would be looking for Photoshop.

If it’s just a really cool Photoshop thing, it’s probably not going to be as easy to do for a typical user as it would have been if it was something that I had to do manually, something that I could copy and paste. I don’t think there’s a lot of apps out there that do that.
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Andrew Lee at an Apple event in 2013. Photo: Alex Ross

When you use Photoshop for its intended purposes then does that make you happy or do you feel like it’s making it harder for you?

The most important thing about Photoshop, to me, and a lot of people that we spoke to, is that it’s just a fantastic tool. If anybody has a tool they’re comfortable with, it’s probably a Photoshop tool. We can’t see Photoshop in the way many people think about Adobe software. But that is not the truth. It’s not the truth because you look at the software that people are using in the world that they’re designing things, whether it’s in design, or whether

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