Is there a free version of Lightroom? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Photoshop Manipulation App

Unfortunately, the free Lightroom version doesn’t even include support for Photoshop file format, or any other third-party applications that use Lightroom.

However, it can be used to export photos with other image processing tools.

What about the Camera Raw package?

If you are a user of the Camera Raw package, you might see some differences in terms of the way you capture images. Some are very similar to the Photoshop file format, and the other one contains the same data from another camera. So there are not really two packages anymore.

In truth, they are a bit different.

One is Adobe’s own package that allows photographers to edit photos in Adobe Camera Raw. The other one is Adobe’s own package, but has been integrated into Lightroom to allow users to edit photos in Lightroom without having to download their own software.

The camera formats used in the Lightroom/InFocus package have been upgraded so that the Lightroom software can access them.

For more info about editing the Lightroom RAW files, check out this forum post.

A few notes when editing a photo that you had in Adobe Camera Raw

Most users are already using the same editing tools that Photoshop allows, and don’t need to download additional software to edit the results. So, no need to have to download it again (although, you do get some interesting bonuses for saving time to get you through the edit).

You might want to avoid using a large (large) resolution JPEG if you want to reduce the file size.

Remember, this will not only affect the speed of the process, but can also impact image sharpness a bit.

The difference between the Lightroom/InFocus and Photoshop RAW programs is so pronounced that some people have started to argue that Lightroom and Photoshop RAW are separate files.

If they are, then you have two separate editing programs and may end up with two different sets of RAW files.

For more information about editing a photo in both Lightroom and Photoshop RAW, check out this forum post.

If you have a question about Lightroom RAW, or Lightroom, Lightroom/inFocus and other programs, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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