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It is true. It is also hard to apply your knowledge on each garment and find out if it conformes to the rules given to you by the manufacturer. Sometimes, there is no information at all, and only recommendations or directions. Also, the customer is not always right about what he wants to do. I have seen a lot of confusion.

Do you have a guide on how to pick the right clothing after the sale?

I don’t. That’s what the customer is supposed to do. However, if the customer is not satisfied with the clothes after their sale, he can return them in the shop for a full refund.

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Are you a fan of fashion?

I am always interested in anything with styles and looks that are not common or familiar to me. I don’t always look at the latest brands, though my taste has always been for modern, interesting and affordable clothes. But I try to try and discover different fabrics, designs, colours, designs and patterns. I love trying new things out.

Pablo Escobar was the legendary Colombian drug kingpin who was killed in powerlessness this past May. It didn’t quite go down according to plan, though. The drug kingpin was assassinated on his yacht on board of Pablo Escobar’s flagship, the yacht La Ganga. The man who allegedly had been in a relationship with Escobar was found dead in the boat in August (this story has an update now) – meaning the kingpin’s last days were never as bad as everyone thought.

While the death of these two key figures caused widespread outrage and sympathy for the “kingpin” – and led to an uprising in Colombia’s capital, Bogota, that resulted in the arrest and conviction of more than 20 people (including Escobar’s former lover), that doesn’t mean there’s a new Pablo Escobar out there waiting to be crowned.

For one, there’s a lot of doubt surrounding the case. According to El Mida, an investigative newspaper in Bogotá, witnesses were heard saying that Escobar and the victim were on the same yacht (albeit some have speculated it was Escobar’s), at the same time when he was shot dead.

If those witnesses were told right from the start of this story, Escobar would have to die before he could even be extradited to the United States and tried for drug crimes.

It’s not just a question of the credibility of a witness. Because Escobar and his son,

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