Is Photoshop free for Windows 10? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Painterly Effect Action

We think the answer is no! Windows 10 ships with Photoshop for free, as part of the Windows Store. It’s a great way to share your creativity with your friends and family, but there are limits to how far you can take your own work. While free for personal use, Photoshop is not free for commercial use. We have several ways of buying Photoshop for commercial use as well as a couple of other paid features that we plan to add to Photoshop soon.

Note: we’ll continue to offer Creative Cloud subscriptions for Office users on a subscription basis. For more information about Creative Cloud subscriptions, visit

Do I need an account to use PSD files?

No, your existing Creative Cloud subscription is sufficient. You can always create a new account for free. After you create one, PSD files are available to you for download as any other Creative Cloud file in the same level.

How Do I Use PSD Files?

PSD files are in the same format as any other Creative Cloud file, so you can drag, drop or link them. As a user, you can edit and save PSD files as you would any other file.

How do I make sure I can save PSD files?

PSD files are not stored on a permanent file system like Microsoft Word or Excel. As you edit them, you will see the file as normal documents in your desktop. When you save a PSD file into your personal folder of choice, your PSD files will be converted to a temporary file to make them accessible and then stored on your hard drive.

How do I make sure I can save my PSD files from Outlook?

You’ll want to make sure you have your PSD files in your inbox or the free Microsoft File Sharing feature. If you do use the Windows 10 File Sharing feature, Outlook can find, rename and delete your saved PSD files. For more information, visit
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Note: The PSD file format is unique to Office, Windows, Office apps, and Office 365, and may not work in other products. You may create PSD files using any open source editor, and share these files as soon as they are completed. If you do create your own PSD file for other products, we recommend we use your best judgment as to whether you want your project to be released publicly. To ensure your project is used as a public document, please

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