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Nope, this is not photo editing, it is photo manipulation.

Photo manipulation is something photographers do to their photos to make them look better, better, better… or at least the opposite of what you’ll see when you click a picture. So, let’s take a look at the methods that most photographers (or at least those who go by the name Photographers) employ to make their photos look good.

Some photographers choose Photoshop, others Photoshop, some use a third party program and some just do it themselves.

First off, what you see in photos is a combination of editing, composition, lighting and the colors of your subject.

First off, it is important to remember that it is impossible to manipulate your photos with just a camera. A camera can do many more advanced editing such as changing focus, adding motion blur, altering a blur, making it lighter or darker etc. But a camera cannot do the “photography” part of editing.

A great way to get really cheap is to go and buy a digital camera from someone on eBay such as the Canon L series, Sony RX100V and the Nikon D3 100d, these cameras cost around 2$ and offer many more features than a DSLR but still offer a decent image.

In other words it would cost you around 15$ to take a picture of yourself in a nightclub and alter it in Photoshop. Not that many will pay this price if they’re not interested in editing anything.

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What about those who don’t want to be editing their photos at all? There are those who will use Photoshop for that:

People who are just looking to sell photos with Photoshop

People going over the top with Photoshop (a very common phenomenon)

Purchasers of digital cameras

People getting paid to look good at weddings and events

This type of person just sees Photoshop as some form of cheap Photoshop.

However, there are other photographers doing the same thing. Here are some of the most popular photos that photographers in the world use in their photostream.

1. Wedding Portraits – Wedding portraits are among photography’s most popular subjects. There are also many wedding photographers out there who make their money by getting paid for photoshooting weddings.

What they do is to choose an image and take a few photos in it to “perfect” their image. Then they upload this into Photoshop and leave you to wonder how it “looks”. The result

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