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“No,” says the website. Microsoft photos are $9.99 a month and have a limit per user of 4GB.

However, if you have been an enterprise or government agency, you will be able to share your photos with others without using a Microsoft account, if you wish. If you want to share more than just those from Microsoft Photos, Microsoft Office 365 Business will help you transfer your photos, though they’ll take a while (a little over 24 hours). After that, you’ll have to sign up for a new Office 365 tenant, but that’s a pretty trivial process. Once in the suite, you will be able to access all your photos either in Microsoft Photos or Office 365 and make any edits.

Microsoft Photos can be used over SkyDrive or you can keep the original file locally and sync it between those drives. I’m using Office 365 Business to get my photos, so it’s just like a SkyDrive, and works well, though only on certain devices (which I won’t get into here), which I’ll explain below.

To make the best use of Office 365 Business, you won’t need to pay twice for your photos. Instead, you can only pay one time for Office 365 business which you can then use anywhere. I’m using it on my laptop or desktop computer, but it can be used anywhere in Office 365. The pricing is a little more complicated (if you don’t remember, Microsoft charges $5 per day if you use the suite) — but you can do it at all Office 365 Home sites, as long as you log onto your own personal account.
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You don’t need to sign up for Office 365 Business first. When you pay for Office 365 Business first, you’ll have 1GB for storage, and you won’t need to pay for Office 365 Basic later; you can do so with it as well. If you’d like more storage, you could purchase another 1GB subscription and use it over either one of your SkyDrive drives. I’ve got 30GB of SkyDrive in my household.

How to transfer files from Office 365 Business to SkyDrive When you set up a SkyDrive account for Office 365 Business, Microsoft removes your personal photos from your personal photos, but you can still make edits using these photos in all Office 365 Business offices. First, you won’t be able to make any changes with these photos when you’re logged into Office 365 Business — after a few hours of that, you’ll need to sign in. For

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