Is Lightroom better than Photoshop? – Start Photo Editing

There is no comparison here.

Photoshop is much easier to master, but still not ideal for most people. If you are trying to master the art of portrait or landscape photography, it’s more a challenge than a cakewalk.

Lightroom does everything so much better and can also be much more intuitive.

It’s like a computer game. If you get the idea on how to play it, and want to know how I get there, you just pick up the program and start mastering. I’ve even learned a few new ways of doing things, as I’ve gotten older and started to put out more images. It’s like the computer game that you never got because it wasn’t fun. You get stuck. You get tired. You have a bad day. Eventually you have to go back and start playing, but that’s where your learning begins, to get out of your bad day and to do some light homework.

How do you work with your clients?

This is a trickier question. For me most clients are still the same as when I first started out. They are usually either in New York, LA, or Las Vegas, but now that I’m getting bigger and more established in these places, my client list changes every few months at least.

I have a team of photographers who are based in a few of my favorite city’s like New Orleans, Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington DC. I’m really passionate about bringing the best light work that I can to these places and they are really excited I can come and work with them.

They are also all in the know and do their own homework. They have their own ideas of what their clients are looking for and their own personal set of rules to follow.
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Do you get any freelance work through work with photographers in these locations?

I do not get any work from my photography work outside of these places! Most of my freelance work is done by a small group of friends and family, who know where I am, and in which countries I visit. Some photographers are happy to accept, but most are either a bit wary or outright refuse to do photography work. Others will send me an album of images and tell me to look at the photos if I want to work with them, and some will get quite angry if I don’t do something they want. I simply don’t take any requests from these types of people.

Are there any local spots that you’re constantly traveling to

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