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Well, it’s not perfect at all for me and there’s things I still need to improve. I also have some other applications which I’ll explain tomorrow. At first, I didn’t want to release a completely rewritten version of Krita, but I didn’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. So I didn’t release Krita under GPL because:

GPL implies all copyrights expire at the end of the license term;

I don’t want to break any existing agreements;

I wanted to keep the GPL-like license term but make the code more portable.

I hope you understand that these goals aren’t mutually exclusive with each other. In this blog post, I’ll describe my first stab at a new approach to Krita’s free license term.

I’ve written that blog post in about 2 hours on Saturday the 15th of June, 2016. This is my first blog so I didn’t get the time to write it all down the first time 😉

What is Free License Term?

I’ll start by explaining and defining the term “free” and then give a brief example on how I want Krita and future versions to use it. I can understand people saying that Krita has to be commercial since it uses Gimp, but that’s a really bad idea from my point of view!

“Free” is not the same as “free as in freedom”, and we can choose to use terms like “free as in speech” or “free as in beer” or “free as in beer and wine” to differentiate our work.

We don’t need to be free to express our work and I don’t wish to express my work, but to express it in a way that’s free of charge is more than fine. In fact, some people feel that it makes sense to call it free since it can be reproduced without any restriction.

What I mean by a free license is a license that allows you to use your work in any way you like without having my written permission for anything other than commercial purposes. A company that releases a software product called “Gimp” can sell it in Europe without my permission but it’s not legal in the USA. Krita will be sold in all countries and countries in Europe will get it free and unrestricted without my permission.
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Now what if you want to distribute a commercial software version of your work without my permission?

That’s totally

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