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Yes – but only as long as you’re not damaging the source material either. The only exception to this agreement is if you have a right to use any image in a media file. Examples include logos on your web site, photographs uploaded to your site, your own photo collages and your commercial works. In the case of commercial usage of your images, these will be licensed at a public domain price (unless you are releasing the commercial use for promotional or advertising purposes, which is always possible). If you want to use your own image, you must ask permission as described above, whether your project is in the public domain or not.

Is there something I should know about copyright?

Copyright is a legal right and there are rules that govern how you handle the reproduction and distribution of your image. These are set out in the ‘Fair Use’ provisions of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1989. This means you need to:

make sure images are not used in ways that are likely to cause distress;

use fair use judiciously.

If an image is used in a way that might lead people to reasonably believe that the image is your own, the maximum breach of this rule is fair use. So if you are using an image in an advertisement without permission, it is likely that you could be found guilty of copyright infringement. You will have to seek permission from the person or organisation that owns the rights to the image.

There are rules around using images more than once too. For example, use a single image in an advertisement and then use it again in another advertisement in the same place, rather than creating two adverts.

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