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This is a tricky question. Lightroom and the Darkroom have a similar functionality, but Darktable isn’t part of the Lightroom family, and it doesn’t include any additional features. But since both the Lightroom and Darkroom programs have been popular in the past, we’d say that Lightroom is still a relatively good candidate of how you can make the transition!

Can I buy Darktable for $500, which is more than three times the price of Lightroom?

Not at this point, not with the price tag currently listed on the Darktable website.

When is Darktable going to end and when should I expect it to be a commercial success?

DARKTEMPLATE® IS CLOSED FOR RENT. PLEASE CALL 1-866-1-7BOLT for the latest news and information.

Our vision is that every photographer will be able to make the most out of their Darkroom experience and that the process will be accessible to everyone, regardless of technology or level. So please keep the conversation going!

What is not included in the initial purchase of Darkroom?

The initial purchase will provide you with all the software needed to create, import and export images, as well as a basic camera/lighting setup. The following are not standard features:

The ability to add a new object in the camera viewfinder (e.g. a star, a moon or a planet)

The ability to add a new scene to a scene

The ability to import external images by using Lightroom, the official Lightroom Creative Suite or your favorite other software like Photoshop

The ability to import RAW images (e.g. TIFF)

The ability to convert images from JPEG format for your favorite camera

The ability to export images to Adobe Photoshop®

The ability to export images to other applications including Lightroom, Lightroom Pro, Lightroom Elements, and Photoshop

The ability to set different levels for each of the seven different categories of file types

The ability to convert images from RGB or CMYK to other file types

The ability to save images as JPG, BMP, TIFF, RAW (WIP) or RAW+JPEG

What are the pricing model for Lightroom and the Darkroom? Are the prices the same for all versions?

To cover the cost of development and development costs, Darktable will offer a version of Lightroom/Photo

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