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If you look at their stats, Lightroom is by its own a pretty good product and they seem to have done relatively well with the Lightroom app but when it comes to Photoshop they seem to be at the same price and the same level of functionality but they are still two very different products so for people like me, Darktable has the power to capture great photos and the power of Lightroom and that is very good.
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You’ve got more than 30 programs that are available for Photoshop. How important is it to you to have a good suite to choose from ? Do you have the best program to go with it?

I think really, if you want to capture good photos, you need to have what I call a good Photoshop. I think it is great in that you can take your photos and do some edits, take some adjustments to your photos and if you have the time spend on it and if you are going to invest in a Mac, a Mac pro with a high-end graphics card as opposed to a laptop, then you want a better Photoshop.

I think I would probably put more money in Photoshop but I’d always recommend buying a Mac version of Photoshop as it’s probably more accessible to most people. If you don’t want a new MacBook Pro, it’s still cheaper and you actually can make it work just by upgrading to a MacBook Pro. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with switching back and forth between Photoshop and a Mac if you know it’s going to be better for specific things.

How do you feel about the market for photo editing software compared to the market for image capture? Is it less competitive today?

It’s a good question. I think it has to be hard to compete against the apps that are already out there and the programs that are already out there.

I think for a lot of people that have been in photography for a while is when they get a new camera and it’s like wow that’s a lot better than my first one at 35mm and it’s like wow, I can do it now! I think for people that got their start just capturing images, shooting portraits and weddings and other things I think it’s still competitive. I think it still looks very similar to capture photos with other digital cameras.

Do you think there’ll be a point where things just get a little too expensive? Would you be concerned about the price tags?

I think so. You always have to be aware that anything has a price

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