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Well, depending on how long you’ve been shooting and how much space you have… it can take up to half a day to download and compile the entire collection of files for each image.

And even if you only shoot a couple hundred images a day, each image is still going to take a long time to process. It also helps to know some tricks to speed up post processing so that you’re doing things differently than you would normally if you just shot in Lightroom.

A little of your time, a little of your money, and a lot of patience goes a long way with Lightroom, too.

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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Talk to Arl Vorn and get the Key of the Silver Hand. Go to the Temple of Akatosh to get the Silver Horn. Give the horn to Cid and you get a reward

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

Arl Vorn [ edit ]

Arl Vorn is in the north-eastern corner of Falkreath Hold south-west of the entrance of the Silver Dragon Inn in Falkreath. The Silver Dragon Inn is on the road south-west (east) from the Silver Hand and the bridge heading south-west from this road leads east to Riverwood. It is very likely that this is located in that place, or at least at the same time, due to some missing NPCs. The Silver Hand stands on a bridge to the east of what is now just a bit of a hole, and can be seen from there as well. The Silver Hand is

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