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Lightroom is an essential photography application. It combines various photo editing tools and photo retouching tools designed to create and edit the perfect image.

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We are offering a free, confidential consultation to people with learning disabilities to find out:

What is a speech-language pathology specialist?

If we can’t refer you, who?

Can I pay?

Can I make an appointment?

How do I use the site?

What does it cost?

Can I talk about my issues with an assistant?

Basic Photo Editing Tips for Beginning Photographers
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I have a learning disability. Can I get help?

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We are here to help. We can help you with any questions that you may have about speech-language pathology – whether you are in a school or not.

Some questions we think you might be interested in include:

Does anyone work here?

How long have we been here?

How can I get the details of my local health service?

I can’t speak – might I need help with a local service?

Can I make an appointment to talk to me?

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If you do not require a free consultation with a speech-language pathology specialist or if you are already a member of the local services and the consultation is not necessary for you, we can refer you to one of our speech-language pathology clinicians. You will then hear directly from your local speech-language specialist.

We also have a free, confidential consultation form on this page where you can state your needs and if your local speech-language specialist might wish to work with you.

Some people have said to us, “If I can’t talk and can’t find out more about what it’s like to be a member of society with a disability and have to rely on a local service, why should I bother to speak up?”. We think this is fair. Many people with a learning disability are not even aware that they receive or will receive a free service.

Many disability rights organisations believe that people with a need for a free services for their learning disabilities should be able to discuss their needs with a qualified professional – if they have an issue, they are unlikely to receive anything more.

In the longterm, this means fewer people needing to

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