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Alumni US | Georgia State University (2011)
It depends on how fast they were doing their editing, in terms of the overall time taken. I think editors do that all the time, but it depends on how busy they were. It depends on how much work they had to have started with. I think it usually takes people a month for editing.

How do you go about getting your stories into your games?

I think I have been successful most of my games in writing. If it takes a very small sample size of a few pages (like my books for Warhammer Fantasy), I will send that to my friends to see what they think. We usually make a test version, then we put it in a PDF of our first game (in this case, Warhammer 40,000), and after that we have a test version from that point onward. I write what I play and publish what I can have to get my game out as soon as possible to the players. In some cases, you will be editing and then playtesting. In other cases, I’ll playtest (though I prefer to edit when the game is in play) because I need feedback on balance and story flow as much as possible.

Is there something in your life that inspires you to work as hard as you do?

I love running and building and playing roleplaying games from day one. I don’t have many hobbies, but some of my hobbies are music and gaming, so I have to play a lot of games to find the time every day. But I also love to cook, for example using something to flavor the food and create a flavorful dish, and I do that with gaming as well. I try to keep a lot of time and effort in all of my hobbies.

Do you have any favorite games, and which ones are the hardest to write for?

The games I am most proud of as a writer are a big list of them. In particular, I enjoy using my own imagination and being able to bring all this stuff to life with my characters, monsters and world. My personal favorite game is Call of Cthulhu (which is a huge part of how I started writing), and I play on the D&D system.

Do you have a personal connection to gaming or tabletop gaming? What’s an appropriate game for someone you know?

I think it all depends on the person. I feel that games that have a lot of social interaction, and that are roleplaying games, with an “action” type of element. For example

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