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You’ll need to access the iCloud Photo Library to perform this task. You can usually access the picture library at at any time of the day by entering the url or tapping on the lock icon.

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Step 2. Convert the Iphone photo into an iPhoto picture.

Photo Editor has two main purposes. The first is to convert the picture into an iTunes Photo Library. The second is to convert the iPhoto picture into an iPhoto Picture. These two tasks are independent and therefore you should only work on one of them at a time.

Note: Before performing these tasks, make sure the picture is not overwritten. Go back to Photo Editor and tap on the green Convert button under the Picture section to perform this task.

The other function of Photo Editor is to convert the picture back to iPhoto format. If you don’t want to use iPhoto, you can go back to the photo you converted. It will return to Photo Editor’s main functions of the past and will perform the task of converting the picture into iPhoto.

Photo Editor also allows to convert from iPhoto to jpeg. This can be useful when you want to send a picture to your friend’s inbox or even send an image that you’ve saved on your iPhoto as a gift.

Step 3. Convert the iPhoto picture to a jpeg photo.

Once Photo Editor has finished converting the photos that it’s opened, the next step is to save the converted iPhoto Photo into the iPhoto picture. In Photo Editor, the Save button allows to save all the picture’s properties to the iPhoto picture’s settings.

If a photo conversion task is performed manually, you can go back to the Photo Editor screen and use the buttons to save individual photo properties (Settings, Photos, Calibration, etc.).

Step 4. Convert a jpeg photo to iPhoto photo.

Once Photo Editor has finished its conversion from a jpeg picture to an iPhoto picture. Photo Editor shows you the result in an iPhoto Photo.

The iPhoto picture, saved in the iTunes Photo Library, does not contain a file extension. You’ll need to convert the jpeg image to an iPhoto photo.

In Photo Editor simply tap on the “Photo File” button and a new folder or “Photo File” window is opened. In the iPhoto Photo folder, tap on the “+” (plus sign) and tap on “Edit i

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