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I am told it can be done with an electric brush and in the video it is actually a quick and easy process. I would like to add that I am not a pro, that this is not meant to be a professional photo. I was just a kid in high school and loved the process. My only advice would be to follow this method and do it as often as possible to get the most out of it.

One of my favourite scenes in American Beauty is when the main characters watch a movie on television in the late 1940’s. It’s called The Adventures of Chachi. It’s about a group of black women and a man who are in the movie theater trying to hide the truth behind a story. There are more than a few black characters, though the story (like every other movie of the time in America where people are white) is mostly white.

I love it for so many reasons; the way that the main characters are always at odds with each other. They’re the most obvious characters to me, and I want to see things that make me angry (or confused) about why people are willing to listen to one voice over the other. They’re the ones I think about when I see a scene like the one in the movie, and there were a lot of them. I think some of them made me want to do more research about American cinema and black identity in America.

The black protagonist, Chachi, is a brilliant but troubled kid who grows up to become an international spy. In real life, Chachi is a black man because that’s who his parents are and the majority of black men in the US were children of black people (and in many cases, children of white people). I love that the movie makes it clear that Chachi’s parents had no right to do this. They had no right to decide what Chachi’s sexuality would be.

But the movie also makes it clear that Chachi is a man trapped within a black woman, and that the story is part of a larger story of being black in America. One that makes its racial identity so clear.

Chachi’s real life is also part of a larger story of a black man going against his birth father for love, and of a woman coming into his life and putting herself at risk.

And now you know why we love movies like The Adventures of Chachi.

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