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In our daily photo editing work, we often use a combination of different photo tools to create a perfect image.

In this example we are shooting photos with a lightbox and an app that creates a 3D surface of our photos. That’s why we can edit the 3D surface by taking a photo with a camera attached, then dragging into our 3D surface. So the app will create the 3D surface and a corresponding image within the app via a drag-and-drop.

We could also use other 3D editing tools on a smartphone or tablet, such as Camera Effects or the Camera Picker app, but they wouldn’t work well for this project.

The apps don’t support the high-resolution capabilities of professional camera apps, so we still rely on the traditional ways and techniques for editing. The easiest and fastest way to edit your photos is also the most accurate.

For an in-depth look, take a look at “How to Edit Your Photos Using the RAW Mode” at

Using Photoshop, how can you produce something similar – but a bit better?

I have used Photoshop professionally for a long time and I am a big fan of it. But I think the software is too slow and too slow is a bad thing. Using it in a lot of photo editing tasks takes forever!

It also makes the process too complicated, which isn’t always the best way to go. If it’s not the right tool for the job, don’t use it. That’s something I often tell my colleagues who are just starting out and want to learn.

In Photoshop, there’s really no tool to produce a perfect output like in the example of above. It’s easier to produce an image with a specific type of background, and then select the appropriate layer in Photoshop to use in our photo editing process. In other words, it’s easier to use a specific tool when creating a professional looking image.

What else do you do?

For digital photos, my main interest is getting good results. That requires lots of practice – and a lot of practice means less time to do other things. The other challenge is maintaining high resolutions, as that is necessary for digital cameras. But if it’s not a priority for your business, there are plenty of other things you can try:

I enjoy photography and take part in several photo workshops, like the one at Fotolia. If you’d like to visit the F

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