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I don’t use a 3rd-party app, I just click on edit and add some text or a few photos.


It’s a common problem on Android and we’ve had this question a few times since last year’s release of the Pixel 1 and Pixel 2, but we’ve seen no change in the way the Pixel 2 handles editable pictures when you take those images again. In fact, the one other major new hardware feature in the Pixel 2 is the ability to take a still selfie.

First introduced in the Pixel 2 (and first used on the iPhone 7), the “Selfie” function brings some interesting new possibilities to your images. Like you can now take a selfie in one hand, a few select camera settings can be adjusted for that hand-free mode. With it, you can crop out a few seconds of your selfie and then add a little more depth by either adjusting the size of the highlights, shadow, or contrast on a few of the captured photos, or just keeping the camera as is until you’re done.


Now, it’s important to note that this is only a camera, and not the full-featured selfie camera mode on the back of the camera, as we’ve seen on the iPhone 7 Plus. Google hasn’t said if and when the selfie camera will become accessible on the Pixel 2 (and it doesn’t appear as if there’s been any specific support for it so far), but we’re certainly intrigued by the possibilities this addition would open up—even if Google has yet to add it to the actual phone itself.

How do I choose a resolution? When choosing resolution in the Pixel 2 manual settings, I had to go to the Pixel manual setting and set it to the highest possible resolution. When using the Pixel 2 on an HDR-capable phone, you can increase the resolution to higher levels too, but the Pixel 2’s auto-mode is quite limited, so most users can probably handle just the standard Pixel 2’s standard 16:9 aspect ratio without any issue.


This can work well when you need an accurate rendering of the final image, but will be a bit odd if you’ve got more than one person using the phone. In that case, the Pixel 2 will show the best resolution you’ve got—but keep in mind that you still need to go to the manual settings and choose what that image needs to be at the pixel level if you’ve got multiple people using your camera.

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