How can I edit photos for free? – Basic Photo Editing Lightroom

If you already own a photo editing program and wish to convert it (or just add it to your library), you can use our professional photo editor. For personal use, contact us and we’ll make it available for you free of charge.

Are all images free?

No, all photos are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike (CC BY-SA) license and the images are used under the MIT license. They are only licensed so long as they appear in the gallery for your convenience. If you’d like to sell photos or use photos for commercial purposes, please contact us before doing so.
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Will there be a fee for the conversion of my photos into images?

Of course! Conversion is entirely free for personal use and any commercial use is strictly prohibited so please contact us before doing so.

I’m having issues with my photos. Can you do anything about them?

If you have any images that are not yet converted, our professional photographer can provide you with high-quality editing software to get your photos looking just as you intended. Please reach out to us with images you’d like to have updated so we can help you right away!

How do I know what version of the software I’m running?

We’d like to make it easy on you; we ship you a free trial copy of our professional photo editor. Once the trial is complete and you are happy with the program, you will receive a refund via our Contact Us page.

Will the images still be available once the trial is over and I am satisfied with it?

Yep, the images will no longer be available to buy or download until you are satisfied with what you received.

I’m looking to buy or sell my photos! Can you do that?

Unfortunately not. We have our commercial license agreement in place which strictly prohibits all but the most basic commercial use. If you are interested in selling your photos, contact us as soon as possible so we can help you right away. Unfortunately if you are interested in licensing them to a company, you will need to ask them to buy them.

Is there a way to turn images on and off (or resize them) in our photo editor?

Yes, we’re so confident that our photo editing software will do it for you, we included it in the program! Just click the button in the upper right corner to open our advanced settings menu. In there you can adjust the size and opacity of

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