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For this, you should check out my step by step guide to becoming an editor.

What are the steps for creating a GitHub Repository?

Read on to get a more detailed explanation of GitHub’s repo structure.

What is your workspace folder?

In the workspace folder, you have an important folder: code. This is where all the code of your codebase lives. The code folders are named according to what their project title is. Read on for a list of all the folder names.

Each folder will have a subfolders. For example, I have one folder named my_project (which contains source code of my project) and another with code. Here’s an image of what my _project folder might look like:

Here are some screenshots of an _project folder:

I have to create a new folder in the file, just to be able to create branches. This way, I can add new files to the code, and I can also have branches to test my feature branches or to help me improve my code.

I need to have a subfolder for all my features. These are my features. What they are, and how to have them added as a feature in the future, are some other separate folders.

The last important folder is my _master folder where all my branches and workbooks live (if you’re writing a workbook, this is the folder where all the file that needs to be worked on is stored). The _master folder isn’t essential, but it is important because you will add all your features to the workbook as you work on it. So, in my _master folder, I have my workbook where I create, edit and merge features. I have my workbook that’s my version control repository for my feature branches.

What is the name of the GitHub repository?

The GitHub repository has a name, which is just the name of the folders in your codebase. For my repository, the name I choose is “repository”.

There are other names for repositories. Let’s go through a few more of them:

repository is a project, where there is a repository. This repository has a name and has a few related folders.

master is a folder where all your features live in.

development is a folder where you have your workbooks which contain code and tests.

contributor is a folder

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