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I want to edit my friend’s essay!

Do you think you’d add more books to your book club?

Why don’t you and your husband get a dog together?

The two of you were in the same class, and he was in the same class as you. Is the world full of people who think she’s too pretty to be dating a man with a beard?

Don’t you think it’d be cooler if both of you wore your hair in a different color?

Do you think a woman who sleeps around is more successful than a woman who sleeps around in the first place?

If you would be an assistant to a famous musician, who would you be?

What will you do if one of your books wins the Nobel Prize and you aren’t in the room when it’s awarded?

Should I tell a person in a bar I’m a fan of a band/author?

Will you continue to attend the Super Bowl in August?

I haven’t read enough books, but I would love to get something from your book club!

Do you have a favorite character from your book The Book of Mormon?

If I gave you the power to read my mind, what would you do with it?

What is your favorite part about being Mormon?

Where do you think the title “The Mormons” came from?

What do you think it means to be a member of the Mormon Church and have a girlfriend?

This is a question I’ve always wanted to know the answer to, but I don’t know a way to answer it without sounding like I’m lying. I actually don’t think I know a single thing about it that wouldn’t mean either way.

Are you interested in having your book published? Do you have anything set aside for yourself besides church attendance?

I don’t do drugs, drink alcohol, or do anything that goes against my values!

I’ve heard that you have a strong opinion on a number of subjects. What are your thoughts on homosexuality?

Do you think there is anything wrong with reading anything to do with religion? I’m curious and would love your opinion.

In the summer, what would be your dream vacation?

What would your dream trip be?

Do you feel like anyone who can drink can have a successful career?

Do you think this interview would be fun? Are there any questions you’re worried that I

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