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Yes. Photos can be saved and shared in Windows 10. If you want to upload images to your Windows 10 computer you need to go to Settings > System > Photo library. From there you can select your photos for editing or send to other people. However, Windows 10 won’t allow you to edit all your photos to be published as a single file. You can find a full list of options in Windows 10 settings > System > Photo library > View the types of photos that are available.

A new study shows that eating meat and dairy makes you, especially females, look good. According to a study published February 24 in Psychological Science, people who consumed more red meat or dairy had stronger and more pronounced male features, including larger bones and greater buttocks.

Previous research from this group has only studied women, but the new study from the University of Wisconsin–Madison reveals the results for men and shows similar sex differences. The female-specific differences were small, so this is not a huge deal, the study concluded. However, the researchers warn that eating vegetarian sources of protein may be a way to avoid being too physically active, and that more research is needed for more comprehensive analyses.

Dr. Thomas Nettleman, a scientist in Psychology Science, said, ‘While we know that people are more likely to be physically active when they eat a diet rich in protein, and that women are physically active when they eat a diet rich in fat, we do not know why.’

The researchers recruited 120 heterosexual college-age men and 120 heterosexual college-age women who agreed to take part in the study as part of the College Fitness Study, or CFST. Half the participants were assigned to a strict vegetarian diet and half to a diet high in red meat and dairy. Half of all participants took vitamin supplements at least four times a week.
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They were divided into two groups. Twenty of the participants were assigned to the vegetarian diet and 20 to the conventional diet. The rest were classified as being on a normal diet. The scientists found that in both groups all participants looked healthier, were more interested in their food habits, and ate more vegetables and fruit and less meat.

However, there were some differences between the two groups. More females wore heels than males, and females ate more vegetables and less meat on the vegetarian diet. However, males ate three times more red meat and three times the amount of dairy than females. Also, women tended to spend more time on their feet while consuming meat.

One reason

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