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Why is the program free?

The company that built it is free to use.

What is Photo Expert?

Photo Expert is a popular photo editing program designed especially for Windows 10. It offers a range of useful features that let the user edit photos even on a slow or low powered PC.

It was one of the first programs offered by Microsoft along with its other photo editing features, which included Picture-in-Picture, Picture-by-Picture, and Picture-by-Text.

In addition, the Photo Expert features are a good value. This comes at a cost – users will have to pay a $49.99 (or $79.99 for the pro edition) fee in advance of using them.

What’s good
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Fast and responsive

Lots of photo editing functions

Good for fast and low powered PCs

Good quality images

Highly customizable and extensible

Notepad++ for Photos

What is it?

The Notepad++ for Photos app is developed by Google, a private company with no affiliation with Apple. It offers basic features on a photo-editing computer that works on Windows 10.

It offers basic features like importing and editing images.

It works for both photo-editing and image viewing applications like Google Photos, Imgur and Reddit.

This photo-editing program is open-source. The code is freely available to anyone who wants to develop for Apple or Windows.

What’s good

Works on both photo-editing and image viewing applications like Google Photos, Imgur and Reddit

Free to use

Lots of photo editing features

Image editing tools like sharpness, contrast and distortion

Open Source

In addition, the Notepad++ for Photos app has been updated for Windows 10 – the version for Mac and Linux are identical.

Also, it’s now a bit more robust. It doesn’t just let you view and edit photos but it’s also compatible with image editing applications which offer other advanced features.

Which image editing program does not support Windows 10?

Notepad++ doesn’t support anything, including Microsoft Photos, Apple Photos or Reddit.

What is it?

Notepad++ is a well-known photo-editing app for Windows that’s a good value. It’s a powerful app with a lot of features and is developed by Google.

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