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I’d love to be one of the first to tell you, but alas 🙁

But no worries! There were two products we worked with for the first time back in 2008. One was a photo editing software called Pixelmator, and the other was another photo editing software called After Effects. At the time it had yet to be released, so we had to have it for testing purposes.

Here is an interview we did with Google in 2010.
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In 2010, we did a project with Google for the holidays, and we worked there for a while before we decided to go freelance full time. I was the one who created the first prototype and built a prototype using the PixelMator software.

That prototype was the first iteration of an interesting new photo editor I called “Bamboo”. We worked with Pixelmator again in 2010 for a holiday project, and we were working on it again in the winter of 2011 for another holiday project of ours. It was all an experiment back then, we did not know what would happen with it, but we really liked it, and we kept working on it. I was really passionate about it then, and it was the moment I decided I would eventually quit my jobs to follow my passion. I quit my job, I started working on this on weekends, and I didn’t have much time to do anything else (no, my wife was not happy about this at all). And since then, everything got very busy.

I created “Bamboo” in a month and a half in 2011, and we are working on it now! After working on this photo editor for so long, I’m really proud of it. It works well, it is really simple. Also, I was really inspired by this project and this idea of creating real-time photography that is simple to use, easy to learn. And most importantly, it is realtime.

How long did it take to build a new photo editor?

We designed the user interface, design tools, and an app that allows you to shoot photos. It took us approximately 2 weeks! And since then, we’ve been working on this again! This is a completely new photo editor, it was an experiment and no one who has tested it has complained about it. And you can read our report for comparison:

We did lots of testing. I didn’t like it, but most of the users seemed to like it.

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