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Publishers often seek royalties from a title’s first sale, and many authors seek royalties on their first two books as well as on their later. You may receive a percentage of the royalties a publisher pays you, or you may not.

Some publishers also offer other incentives to encourage you to write and publish books: advance payment incentives, royalties tax relief, and cash on delivery incentives.

If someone buys your book, does it count as an advance?

Yes. You must include the buyer’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and, if you’re an author, a copy of your self-help book (with sales figures) and an indication of the seller’s name, address, mobile phone number, e-mail address and the book’s genre.

Can you get the advance money from me?

Some authors seek more than the publisher’s offer of a percentage of royalties. Here are some basic questions to ask:

Who’s paying for royalties? Is it the publisher or the book’s publisher? It may well be both, for example, the sales person who takes book orders for the first book, gets paid by the publisher’s advance and you get a royalty from the advance only. A book’s publisher (the first publisher that sells books or gets a royalty share) is usually called the book’s manager and they’ll tell you what their royalty rate is. Many publishers publish books by authors who choose the same style of writing as their previous books. So, if the book you’re selling is very similar to a new author’s, the publisher will probably be asking for a percentage of sales the next time they sell that author’s book. When you get the royalties from the advance, you may have some discretion over the amount you want to pay. If you’re the person who writes and sells the next book, for example, you are the one who’s getting paid. But if your book isn’t quite like the previous selling author, your publisher could be asking for less. If you’re using the advance money to pay you more than the publisher’s advance, the publisher will still be giving the advance away at the first book sale. So, whether you’re paying yourself, your publisher or your agent, the money will count toward your royalty obligation. If your advance is used to pay your agent, for instance, that amount will be credited toward the agent’s royalty payment obligation.

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How do I know if the publisher made a good offer?

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