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Can you use “the wash” in Photoshop?

Can you remove clothes in Photoshop?

If you like using “the-wash-in-photoshop” in photoshop, and the answer is Yes. We need you to go there and download it from the link below, then send it to us with your own photo. No, we have a big problem there because the “WASH” function that “the wash” comes with to remove clothes is only good for Photoshop (with Photoshop only), and it’s just not that useful in our case.

In addition, we need to know what we’re doing while “the wash” is running. And since you have nothing handy with your computer, it’s just useless to use “the wash” in photoshop: it’ll do nothing there. In this case, we need a “WASH” function that will “wipe” with a program, then return what was found, and not make the mess again.

This is an interesting problem, and it’s one for which there is almost zero (very minimal) information. Let’s do our search in the Internet!

The first thing that you need to do, at the end, is to download this function which we just created, from the link below, in the following file:

Then, you will need a program like Photoshop, in order to write it into an executable format. The tool that is used for this task is called “Gimp”, written in GnuWin.

In addition, your file “” should only have this line, in the end after “WASH(imagefile), WASH(colourmapfile).eps”, because in “” will be the following:

“TARGET_COLOR_MATRIX”: “wah@a.w.jpg”

In order to read the colourmapfile, you will need the “IMAGE_COLOR_MATRIX” and INSPECT_COLOR_MATRIX keys from the “P” or “G” menu. These commands will look like this:


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